The Trainer/Client Relationship and How To Find The Right Trainer For You!

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Being a personal trainer and working with clients is much like being in a relationship, you see each other multiple times a week, share intimate details of your personal lives, accomplish goals together, check in with each other and sometimes go through some difficult moments together. The bond becomes unique, and you cant help but feel attached to each other. 

Each client relationship is different and unique,  some turn into lifelong friends, some turn into lifelong clients, some serve its temporary purpose for temporary gains, and some end up not working out. 

Becoming a personal trainer myself, really changed my life. I had always been a client, and had some amazing bonds over the years with some of the trainers I worked with, but I liked to think that was rare. When I was a general manager, I had major respect for the trainers I managed, and always knew they had a hard job that could sometimes tear at their heart strings, but dang did I underestimate the emotions that were involved in this career. I can say now, that through the years of learning and building, I feel very lucky to have the clientele that I do. I deeply care about each and every one of them, and get just as excited (if not more) as they do when they reach their goals, conquer challenges and succeed not only in fitness but in life. 

I am also lucky enough to have an environment that is very much “personal”. Cate, Rob and I had a goal in mind when creating our brand, and that was to provide a comfortable, safe, supportive and personal environment for our clients. I feel much more present with my clients than ever before in the space we created. 

Sometimes clients may think we are being too hard on them, but thats are job. We’re there to hold you accountable, CARE and help you succeed. That can be a problem for us too, because when one of my clients is going through something, I can’t help but go through it with them! We genuinely feel with you, which can sometimes negatively affect us as well. 

Some personal trainers are really great at separating personal and professional life, and that’s totally OK, its not wrong, but that’s just not me. And hey some clients just want to come in and get a workout and go home, and that’s OK too! But for me.. I think I am a better trainer for feeling my clients energy, understanding who they are to the core, and being there for them when needed.

Having a personal trainer is extremely beneficial for so many reasons but to name a few; education, motivation, accountability, maximum results, injury prevention, convenience, goal setting and overcoming plateau’s. Picking the right personal trainer for YOU is crucial, choose wisely. Here are some things to look for when you are searching.

  1. Communication. Do you feel comfortable opening up to this person? Do you feel like there is honest, open communication between both of you? Do your communication styles align? Do they understand your goals? This is extremely important. This person NEEDS to know what your body is feeling in all stages of your program, and they need to be able to communicate to you why they are incorporating certain movements. You need to feel safe. Do you have to lie about what you ate yesterday because you feel a sense of judgement from them? 
  2. TRUST. This ties in directly with communication. Do you trust this person to not only deliver a professional, effective and safe program, but do you trust that what you tell them is confidential. I like to think refer to the “attorney/client” privilege with my clients. Whatever they tell me in session, stays in the session. Opening up about your body, insecurities and everyday life is a vulnerable request we ask of our clients. Do you know anyone that has worked with this person before, who trusts them and has gotten the results or satisfaction they were striving for? 
  3. Convenience. Do your schedules align? If you would like to meet with a trainer two times a week but can only do 5:30pm, is that possible? Does the trainer have two open slots for you? Juggling an impossible schedule can get frustrating and one may become discouraged. What about location? Is the location of the session convenient for you? Close to home or work and not across town? You will be more inclined to go if it is easy to get to. 
  4. Compatibility. Having the right “chemistry” between trainers and clients is essential in establishing a good working relationship and helping clients achieve their goals. Remember just because you are meeting them for the first time and they are offering you all these appealing options, doesn’t mean you’re obligated to book with them. It needs to FEEL like the right fit.

Moral of the story, every trainer/client relationship is different but special. Find one that works for YOU. I am grateful for our Happy Sweaty Life community of love, support and family. 

Allyson Powell

Allyson Powell

Allyson is a part time 911 dispatcher and full time fitness fanatic.


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