Why Taking A Break From Social Media Can Be An Important Part Of Self Care.

By February 6, 2020Blog

The pressures of our fast paced society can leave me constantly feeling like I’m not doing enough. Then other days I feel like I’m doing WAY too much. It’s an emotional rollercoaster when you desire spread your message of health to many, but also crave a private peaceful life.

I’ve recently been extremely busy, and made my in-person relationships the priority, and put the digital world on the back burner. It was instantly noticed(which honestly surprised me), and I received comments of concern as to how my business was doing. This made me reflect, and not on how my business was doing, but how it is perceived. 

Social media has quickly turned into an entrepreneur’s greatest tool. You can easily create a brand and gain exposure. You can have conversations and relationships with other like minded or knowledge seeking individuals. We can follow trends and gain more intellect on what is in demand. We gain feedback(whether we want it or not, lol) on how our business presence is doing, but most importantly for us, we can virtually support and influence people from our community in a positive way….On the flip side, it can be exhausting. 

My recent social media break comes in the form of not posting on IG or writing blog posts…It has quite simply been an insanely busy January! This goes for my business counterparts Rob and Allyson as well. Unlike some other fitness influencers, we actually do personal training. I work full time training and nutrition coaching, and also have two very active children. Rob trains a full load and is in school for physical therapy, on top of chasing his adorable toddler. Allyson trains hard and works as a 911 dispatcher. Also, all three of us also have partners that work unique shifts to where we don’t live conventional home lives. Throw in trying to stay fit ourselves and eat healthy!

Point being, please be gentle when you are judging what someone is doing (or not doing) on social media. It only tells part of the story. Whether you think someone posts too much, or that they don’t post enough, we are all vulnerably putting ourselves out there, professionally and personally.

Signs that maybe you too could use a break from social media:

1.When you feel yourself get more confused from all the over information or constantly comparing yourself to others. Keep your water clear. Use your own intuition with what is best for your health values. Be your own version of beauty. All answers to health and happiness live inside you already. Take the time to reflect and dig them out.

2.You find yourself having negative or judge mental thoughts towards others. This is human nature but still does not enhance happiness. Whether it’s a past friend/relationship that was toxic, or just someone that rubs you the wrong way, that should not be where your attention goes. I want to have love for everyone, no matter their personality or believes. I also don’t want to be constantly reminded of people that give me icky feelings. Positive vibes only!

3.You are posting just to post. Stay authentic and keep your message natural! 

4.When your kids start asking “Mom, do you need me to wait to start eating so you can take a picture of my food?” Guilty!!!!!! I spend so much time cooking beautiful healthy meals for my family, and feel the urge to document my creations. There is a time for this, but it’s not during quality family meal time. I never want my kids intentionally posing themselves or their food for my business needs. Children learn what they live. I’ve had to create boundaries for myself.

5.You are consumed with your phone and constantly scrolling. Life is not lived behind a screen! You will not find your happiness in the digital world. Most of the time it is a distraction and a huge source of stress. Think about your all time favorite memories in life….Did they involve your phone???

Enough said. Go live an authentic life on your own terms! I’m not an expert, just a human always striving for happiness 🙂

Cate Sanders

Cate Sanders

Cate Sanders is many things: a busy professional, mom to two amazing children, perfectly partnered, an athlete, hobby chef, and an entrepreneur growing with an ever-changing fitness industry.


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