Research With Caution! 5 Things to Consider When Researching Health & Wellness!

By November 27, 2019Blog
Written By: Rob Muniz
With access to Google, You tube, and multiple social media platforms in the palm of our hand, the amount of fitness information available is endless. Research with caution. There is plenty of helpful information on the internet, unfortunately NOT ALL FITNESS INFORMATION IS CREATED EQUAL.  More and more content is produced daily. This is something I continue to learn through experience, and even as a professional, I still have so much learning to do. Here are a couple of tips I’ve learned along the way to help you efficiently sift through information and apply what will safely and effectively help you towards your goals.
1.  Dont believe the 1st article that pops up. Read a few different articles and ask questions that will encourage you to dig deeper for details that will give you reasons to why the author or company may be presenting that particular information. This may include searching for additional sources regarding that subject and the “facts” given, or even writing to the author or company directly with your concerns.
2.  Is the source of information credible? Try to look up pieces of past content released by this particular source. Do they have a solid reputation?  Even if they didn’t get something exactly right (which is entirely possible), a trustworthy source would usually have no problem admitting so later on. Thousands of followers and comments on someone’s page does not necessarily mean that they’re bringing complete honesty. Try sitting down and discussing these matters with a fitness professional or two, or three. If you want to take it a step further, look at a few studies performed and documented in scholarly journals.
3.  See the approach to the subject from different perspectives. We are all different in the way we relate and process information. Trying to see the presented facts from different angles may help you better figure out what’s best for you and your lifestyle.
4. Unfortunately, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. There are many articles full of fitness models and miraculous overnight transformations only to try and upsell you on a pill or powder that promises you the same results.  Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars (if not, more) per year on gimmicks like this and usually get zero results.
5.  Consult your physician.  This is a crucial part of making any lifestyle change regarding your health and fitness. If you plan to include any kind of supplements or extreme activity, this piece of advice is especially true. Fitness and health professionals exist for a reason and I would encourage anybody to take full advantage of those resources. I will be the first to raise my hand and say I regularly practice this in my personal approach. Even the most elite athletes in the world have doctors and consultants to assist them in their journey. Nobody should feel above that, myself especially.
As a fitness professional, I pride myself in talking about only what I believe in. If I am putting information out there, it is because I believe in it enough to actually live it and apply it to my personal fitness journey. Nothing makes me cringe more than a dishonest professional. This is for the simple fact that providing an individual with false information regarding their health and wellness could be very harmful and dangerous to their quality of life and well being.  I will never tell you that my approach is the only way.  I can, however, confidently tell you that my approach is honest and sincere. I live by it every day of my life and still continue to learn ways to improve. I want to see others live happily, healthy, and with confidence in their own skin.  We’re all in this together!
Allyson Powell

Allyson Powell

Allyson is a part time 911 dispatcher and full time fitness fanatic.


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