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The other day, I weighed myself (big mistake!) and freaked out! I’m now 24 weeks pregnant and had yet to weigh myself (besides the doctors office). I’ve always had an unhealthy relationship with the scale, so don’t keep one at my home, but decided to hop on at my parents. The number on the scale was not was I was expecting, and I caught myself dialing Cate to vent and get reassurance. We have had numerous conversations throughout my journey and figured I would share our convos, and it might help others who are feeling the same. Here is some of the dialogue between Cate and myself.

A lot of people are commenting that you aren’t sharing much about your pregnancy. Why aren’t you posting more about your pregnancy?

To be honest, I had so many expectations for how my pregnancy was going to go, and how I was going to handle it – business and fitness wise. But the truth is, you really don’t know how you’re going to feel until you’re in the middle of it. For me, pregnancy has been such a special, humbling, and to my surprise private experience. I have been extremely introverted compared to my normal social extroverted lifestyle and the quarantine has exacerbated that. I have been nesting like crazy since day one and have embraced the opportunity to rest, spend extra time with family, and take a huge mental break from my normally busy routine. Being more private and present has…. 

How are you feeling about your body during pregnancy ? Do you have that pregnancy glow you thought you would have ?  

Overall, I am feeling positive, grateful and healthy during my journey. Watching my body change daily, growing a healthy human, feeling my baby girl kick, and seeing what I am capable of has been inspiring to say the least. I also feel a sense of calm, like I’m where I’m supposed to be. I’ve never been so sure about my life and where Im going.

However, I DO have my days. I’ve pretty much had every pregnancy symptom in the books (besides morning sickness *phew*), so the pregnancy glow is not necessarily a thing for me (this hormonal acne is no joke), and what people don’t really talk about much, is the psyche behind the weight gain. No matter the circumstance, healthy or not, waking up 10lbs heavier in what seems to feel like overnight, can throw you for a loop. Also, the inability to say no to any all and all carbs becomes REAL. 

That being said:  To Cate, working out becomes harder daily because you don’t see results, I just see more gain, how should I stay motivated? Is it really worth It?

You’re motivation during pregnancy cannot be about vanity and visual results. Your body will change in ways you never imagined, most likely gain more weight than planned, and mentally and physically be riding many roller coasters. That’s not to say you should let yourself go, just take a healthier mindset approach. Your baby positively benefits from Mama being healthy and happy, and that should be the driving force. Daily workouts even when exhausted will make you feel better. Beyond that, when working out focus on the body you want to have after baby. The work you do during pregnancy will make all the difference in post partum. Keeping up endurance, building lean muscle for boosted metabolism, and working on posture will not only help support pregnancy, but will provide the “under pregnancy” body that will be waiting for you after you deliver that baby. You can get back to workouts quicker and more effectively if you keep up consistency in a fitness program. It’s definitely hard when you can’t see your body toning up during pregnancy and heading in the other direction, but you have to trust the science and the process.

Most importantly enjoy the miracle growing inside you and the bonding time with the soon to be human. Your baby is a part of you and feels everything including stress and negative thoughts. See the beauty in it all, and both baby and mama will thrive long term from that healthy perspective.

Back to Allyson: What’s your workout and nutrition routine look like right now during pregnancy?

Honestly, quarantine has probably helped my commitment to my own personal health and fitness to some extent. I am usually running at 100mph, working 6 days a week and never saying no to girl social time. I probably wouldn’t have the time to focus on my body if I was in “normal” life. The last few months, I have stayed active at least 30 minutes every day, walked the dog daily, home cooked all meals, and found a healthy balance with cravings and indulgences. If I was living my “normal” life, I would be eating out more for convenience, making more frequent grocery trips to cater to my cravings, working out half the time, and would have very limited time to cook.

 My workouts look a lot different. I’m used to high cardio days, HIIT, heavy strength and pilates, but learned very quickly I needed to adjust. I walk uphill a lot, focus on balance/mobility work, yoga, bodyweight exercise and my 15lb dumbbells have turned to 8lb dumbbells. Sometimes I miss the burpees and sprints (weird, I know), but have that to look forward to post partum. 

What does your support system look like ? 

I feel SO lucky to have the support system that I do. Being pregnant during a Pandemic is far from normal and has been a huge roller coaster for me. I have felt all the feels – stress, fear, panic, sadness for losing out on experiences like having my husband next to me in my doctor appts and ultrasounds (no visitors allowed). I’ve felt grateful for health, my dispatch family, job security, supportive clients and an amazing business partner. I feel extremely lucky to be growing a healthy baby girl, and gush every time I think about what she’s gonna look like, be like and when she gives me a kick or nudge. 

In the very beginning of the COVID-19 days, because there was so much uncertainty; and because my husband is a first responder with a large risk of exposure, we agreed to live apart for over a month for the health and safety of the baby and I. That was one of the hardest months of my life. We have had to make several adjustments, adaptations and since but are finding a balance in this new normal.  

My friends, family, and most of all my mom and my amazing husband have been such an amazing force for my pregnancy. I do have to give major credit to my husband. He has been calm, collected, understanding and helpful during this time. He loves to see me eat ALL the things, and reassures me that the most important thing is growing a healthy baby, even if it means I gain an extra ten pounds, or waddle up the stairs every afternoon. He’s there for daily foot/back massages, middle of the night requests and crazy clingy mood swings. 

Ultimately, this journey has been difficult, but SO special. I am learning and adapting everyday. I’m enjoying this experience privately with my people, and I’m so excited for what’s to come! I promise I’ll do my best to keep sharing! 


Allyson Powell

Allyson Powell

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