The Postpartum Truth

By February 11, 2021Blog

The other day, I was putting on my shoes to get in a quick workout. I was attempting to hype myself up for a HIIT circuit and realized just how much I was dreading it. 

I started to think about my mindset around my workouts lately. I realized, that all of a sudden, my workouts that I used to enjoy SO MUCH, became a chore. Why? Because I have been going about it all wrong. My postpartum mindset has been more about vanity, weight loss and expectations instead about embracing the journey back to the best version of myself. 

Over the years I have had clients who hated working out and who started with me because they wanted to achieve some specific measurable goal, and to be honest, most of those were for vanity or the wrong reasons. Knowing that if I could just get them to see passed that, and enjoy our time together in the gym, their goals would fall into place, they would soon love to exercise and a healthy lifestyle was their new norm. Seeing this shift in thinking, this life change with so many of my clients is why I do what I do. So why couldn’t I just learn from them, and now do it myself?

As I reflected, I thought how interesting it was to me that something that I loved SO much, turned into something I hated doing. Why? Because I can’t lift has heavy, my endurance is still building back up, and I feel more sore and fatigued than ever post workout. Because there is so much pressure as a trainer to bounce back and be a role model for my community. Because it wasn’t supposed to be this hard.

I decided right then and there, that those things I looked at negatively we’re actually huge blessings. These were all things I could work towards improving and use as motivation. These are struggles we all feel, or have felt at some point in our fitness journeys and with each workout these all improve. 

There are so many people that put so much pressure on results. But once you take the pressure off, you have more energy to focus on other things and start to actually enjoy the hour a day you get to exercise. You start to look forward to the FEELING of hard work instead of wondering if you burned off that unhealthy choice you made for lunch. You start to see change mentally and physically because you are a happier, healthier you.

Don’t get me wrong, its absolutely necessary to have goals and aspirations for yourself physically, but when those goals become unhealthy or the only motivation behind taking care of your body, you’ll never find longevity in a healthy lifestyle. You will always struggle to find a balance. 

Workout and eat healthy because it MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD, and the rest will fall into place.

I will get back here ?? just watch ?! 

Allyson Powell

Allyson Powell

Allyson is a part time 911 dispatcher and full time fitness fanatic.


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