“Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.” -W. Clement Stone

Many of us could spend an entire day dreaming about our ideal life. I talk to clients everyday who want to make changes and enhance their lives. It could be anything from having a healthier body or starting a business to achieving a high-powered career, finding a soulmate or accumulating wealth. But what I have realized is most of us are simply dreaming, we are not taking action. What is that one part of your life that you dream about improving, but can’t seem to find a way to get started? What is truly holding you back? The time is now, whatever the goal. It’s time to act! Even small actions can spur the momentum we need to make positive changes in our lives.

Admittedly, I have plenty of weaknesses as a human. We all do! But if I had to pick one of my greatest strengths, it’s that I’m not afraid to take risks. I am an extreme over thinker, but it’s always while also being in motion. I’m ok with learning through failing fast. I decided long ago, I never want to wonder about a life I could have lived, whether that’s driving my business or improving my personal life. Instead,  I try to find ways to take steps that move me closer to the life that I envision for myself. This mindfulness has served me very well. I wish it for everyone.

There is something we must all understand about the brain. Our primitive brain is designed to avoid danger, pain and failure. From an evolutionary standpoint, our brain wants to keep us safe and make our thinking efficient. This is a great thing in many ways, but when you’re seeking to make big changes in your life…the status quo won’t get you there. Yes, trying something new and breaking out of habitual patterns can feel risky and overwhelming and even make us feel insecure or fearful. But doing what we’ve always done will only take us where we’ve already been. Trying something new means there will likely be failures, mistakes and rejections along the way as we learn and grow and acquire new skills and ways of thinking. Not to mention, failure that eventually leads to success makes the reward feel that much sweeter!

The moral of my message is this: if you can rewire your way of thinking, focus on a positive mindset and re-frame your old thought patterns, you can achieve anything! Fear is normal and understandable, but don’t let it be an excuse to stay stagnant. You don’t need to seek solutions outside of yourself, either. Your answers already live inside you, but you have to listen and start taking action. Fully live your authentic life and the rest will follow. Be in charge of your own destiny.

Cate Sanders

Cate Sanders

Cate Sanders is many things: a busy professional, mom to two amazing children, perfectly partnered, an athlete, hobby chef, and an entrepreneur growing with an ever-changing fitness industry.


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