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We live in a society that puts unrelenting pressure on productivity. The demands come from everywhere. They’re internal, in our minds and we feel it in our bodies, too. They’re external, in our families, and ever-present at work with a 24/7 schedule. Expectations abound in every facet of our lives. There is no “off” button.

We are an overworked culture that thrives on pushing everything to the limit. We are expected to do everything faster, better and cheaper with fewer resources and fewer demands for self-preservation. We are pushed to our limits in expectations of parenting, work, social connection and advocacy so that we tend to feel guilt if we take time for rest or play. And sometimes, even if we consider the notion of a break.

But if we really and truly value our our own health, happiness and success, we need to overcome this insidious mentality and find ways to take more pleasure in living life. Finding pleasure in our daily life is just as important as fueling our bodies with food and taking time to rest. Pleasure is nourishing, just like healthy food and rest.

For sustainment, we need to bring our bodies to rest and find pleasure in our daily life. By taking a pause, and time to reflect, we are able to recognize the abundance in what we already have. We can be happier and more content with our lives as they are, instead of chasing more, and seeking more, of things that may (or may not) have any affect on our daily well being.

The pursuit of success doesn’t have to overtake pleasure and fun. This is – and has been – a hard lesson for me. I am constantly trying to be present to recognize my own needs so that I can take care of them and respond to what’s in front of me (not how I felt an hour or a day ago). For me, right now, I try to focus on “pleasure and presence before action.” This way, whatever message I put out – whether it’s for my business, for my kids or for my loved ones – it’s only in response to what’s directly in front of me. That way, I can be authentic and true to myself in the moment, every moment.

In what non-superficial ways do you find pleasure in your life? How could you carve out more simple fun and rest in your everyday life?

Cate Sanders

Cate Sanders

Cate Sanders is many things: a busy professional, mom to two amazing children, perfectly partnered, an athlete, hobby chef, and an entrepreneur growing with an ever-changing fitness industry.


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