Holiday Season Hacks! 6 Holiday Fitness Tips to get you through the next few months!

By November 17, 2019Blog

I’m sure some of you can relate when I say this but.. the holidays REALLY creeped up on me this year! With halloween in the rear view, Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving around the corner, and Christmas and new years in just a short month or two, I catch myself dreaming about all things FOOD. 

The endless appetizer platters, carb heavy entrees, desserts, wine, grandmas traditional recipes and all things pumpkin, I sometimes think to myself myself, how am I going to bounce back from this!!? 

Well when I come back to earth, I continue remind myself we’re human! YOU’RE HUMAN. We are allowed to indulge this time of year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t set boundaries.  Here are some tips and tricks I have learned over the years that got me through and helped me bounce back even harder come January 1. 

1. Be picky with indulgences. I know I am going all in on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years. The days in between, I try to eat EXTRA healthy knowing I have these coming up. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I’m giving up all things pumpkin, I may just use an alternate recipe. There are plenty of “smarter choice” versions of all your favorite treats. For example; see my pumpkin protein muffins, or homemade pumpkin pie granola recipe on instagram. Still, can some of these alternative choices still be a little unhealthy? SURE, but they sure are a lot “healthier” than the real deal!!!

2. Be realistic about expectations.  Let’s be honest, is it the perfect time to loose that extra five pounds or go on that diet you have been wanting to try? Probably not. I say, focus on maintaining. Keep up the hard work in the gym, make healthy choices when you can, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

3. Drink wisely. Limit those mixed sugary drinks and go for the low calorie vodka soda or glass of rose. Avoid heavy rich dessert wines and go for a light Pinot noir. If you’re smart about what you drink (or how much), you’re also less likely to say yes to that extra serving of dessert.

4. Keep Calm & get enough sleep. Whether its hosting events, tension in the family, or hopping from one house to the next (ME), holidays can be stressful! Elevated cortisol levels can lead to fat storage and the temptations to eat ALL the junk food. Be positive and make the best out of family time.

Get enough sleep. When your sleep deprived your body overproduces the hunger hormones lepton and ghrelin. All Self control goes out the window if you don’t take care of yourself mentally!

5. Limit the leftovers!! I can’t say this enough!! You already had your cheat day! I’m an “out of sight, out of mind” person. If I take home a load of my grandmothers stuffing or my mother in laws famous zucchini bread, you better believe i’m munching breakfast, lunch, and dinner all week long until the plate is licked clean. The solution, leave the leftovers!!! You had your fun, now its time to refocus!  

6. Last but certainly not least, Be consistent with your workouts. KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING! And hey KICK IT UP a notch. Your nutrition may be off, but make sure you’re ON in the gym. This will guarantee an easy, more comfortable and successful switch back into your routine. 

Are there any tips that have helped you over the years? Share the wealth!! Let us know on our latest instagram post! 

At the end of the day, the holidays are supposed to be fun. We all have so much to be thankful for and deserve to enjoy the much needed break from work, the day to day responsibilities, and the pressure of maintaining a certain body image. Indulge, take care of yourself and have an amazing, fulfilling holiday season! 

Allyson Powell

Allyson Powell

Allyson is a part time 911 dispatcher and full time fitness fanatic.


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