Flu Season Health Hacks – How To Bounce Back from Sick to Fit!

By December 11, 2019Blog

Feeling run down? Have a lingering cold? Caught the inevitable winter bug already this year? ME TOO. As I’m writing this, I am recovering from a whole 5 days on the couch with a gnarly cough and cold. I don’t know about you but when I’m knee deep in soup, Theraflu and EmergenC, I don’t remember but what’s even like to feel good, let alone get through an awesome workout. By the end of my couch stint I’m CRAVING any activity my body is ready for. However, my mind knows that those first few workouts are going to be a STRUGGLE! Isn’t it crazy what one week away from your routine can do to your endurance? Gets me every time.

I’ll be honest, I did not listen to my body when I was feeling symptoms come on. I was craving a good workout after a Thanksgiving feast and ignored the sound of sniffles. I pushed through and did a strength workout and the next day woke up sicker than a dog. Karma? Probably, for all the times I PREACH “listen to your body”. 

Someone once told me (probably my health guru Cate)… “One day at the gym won’t make a difference in your physical appearance, but one day of rest will make all the difference in your overall health”. I NEVER thought of it like that before. It’s SO true. Really, think about it.. your not going to wake up 5 pounds lighter because of that one workout you got in last night, but you may have saved yourself from a weeks worth of sickness because your body was able to fight off an incoming infection. 

So what do you do when you feel it coming?

REST! HYDRATE! Oh and pick up some Wellness Formula Herbal Defense Complex from your neighboring Whole Foods or Sprouts. I swear by these! Take them as you feel something coming on, they will prevent sickness or (if your too late) they will kick start your recovery. Of course, I was out of them when I got sick recently.

During? People often ask me, What do I eat when I’m sick that won’t throw me out of routine”.. well I always answer “eat what makes you feel good”, your body needs nutrients and your appetite is most likely in the gutter, so do what you can. SOUP! broths, smoothies with superfoods,ect. . Trust me, trying to hit your “macros” or eating grilled veggies when your sick is NO FUN. I get it, don’t be unrealistic. Pump those veggies in the day second you are feeling better. 

And what do you do after? Take it slow, ease back into it. No HIIT until you feel really ready. Im going to start with pilates in the next few days then introduce some strength and low impact cardio. Probably start with a long uphill walk and some upper body. Don’t get carried away feeling like you need to “catch up” after a week off, your body will bounce back as long as you take care of it. 

Moral of the Story: TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY! Stay healthy and happy during the holiday season! 

Allyson Powell

Allyson Powell

Allyson is a part time 911 dispatcher and full time fitness fanatic.


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