5 Tips for Getting Back on Track After Vacation

By November 2, 2019Blog

My plan coming back from vacation is not in depth or complicated….I simply go back to my usual routine – the things I know i should be doing while using “vacation reset” as a great refocusing tool. 

The most important factor I attribute my health and fitness to is CONSISTENCY. I am not perfect, and certainly have areas in need of improvement, but I do think I’ve kept my body in a good space most of my life. That isn’t because I work overly hard or make major sacrifices; it’s because I simply use moderation with everything and constantly assess where I need balance in life. 

So, when I take a break from daily life for a few weeks of vacation (or any other life circumstances!) it does not throw me off. There is a term I use called “vacation balance,” which for me usually means no designated exercise and eating what I want!! Sure there might be some fluff pounds when I get home, but they’re usually worth it.  My body appreciates a break from time to time, and so does my mind!

As important as exercise and good nutrition is, an equally important component to my health is connection with my special people. This can’t be be accomplished if I’m only focused on myself. What drives me and how I enjoy time isn’t going to be what speaks to everyone. In order to fully connect I can’t be the person who is constantly obsessing over diet and when I’m going to get that next workout in. We all know that person right?! (PSA: Don’t be that person, please!) 

There are times where fun and being in the moment need to be the only priority. Read that again! 


Getting back to my routine is always a positive challenge that I invite. My workouts and healthy lifestyle are fueled by having purpose and a goal in mind, and here are the steps I take for an immediate reset:

1.PLAN MEALS FOR THE WEEK. I mean FULLY plan them out: look up recipes, plan out meal timing, check what ingredients are needed and make a detailed grocery list. When tired or overwhelmed in life, food organization is a must. It’s much too easy to grab easy and less healthy meal options during times of busy schedules and high stress. Have a plan!

2.GO GROCERY SHOPPING. Make sure you are setting yourself up for success by having fresh food in your house. It’s a great opportunity to purge old food that isn’t serving you, and to add in vibrant foods to start back new habits that will uplift you. Organize the groceries in the fridge and pantry in a way that the options are fully visible and easy for you to access. Then everything is set! 

3. USE YOUR INTUITION WHEN EASING BACK INTO WORKOUTS. It’s easy to want to go all out when you’re rested and have some serious goals in mind. But your body is most likely in a different space after taking a break, and you have to respect the process of getting back in shape. Definitely break a sweat and feel a little muscle burn, but also realize what areas of the body are excessively tight and focus on mobility. No sense in risking an injury as a setback!! That will not help the cause.

4.HYDRATE!!!! This is probably the one thing I preach the most, because it’s a serious component that everyone thinks about, but doesn’t actually achieve. Hydration is crucial for body function including your heart, brain and muscles. Fluids carry nutrients to your cells, flush bacteria from your bladder, and help prevent bowel buildup. Usually after travel I’m pretty dehydrated and dealing with bloating, water retention, and fatigue. Water is my best friend and the quickest way to feeling better always!

5.Last but certainly not least is: SLEEP! Sleep plays a vital roll in health and well being. When you sleep, your brain recharges, your cells repair themselves, and your body releases important hormones. When your body is out of whack due to time changes and different eating/drinking habits, a good night’s rest is almost always majorly disrupted. Your body requires sleep to process any physical or mental stress, so feed it what it needs! We live in a world of “Do more!” but it is hard to accomplish much of anything when tired and run down.

Overall I want to stress that there’s no need to beat yourself up after taking a break, for whatever reason! Use these tips as a restart anytime to head in the right direction. As I always say, “It’s all about your next right decision,” meaning there’s no reason to look so far ahead. Simply make your next best healthy decision, then make the next one, and the next one, and so on! 

Cate Sanders

Cate Sanders

Cate Sanders is many things: a busy professional, mom to two amazing children, perfectly partnered, an athlete, hobby chef, and an entrepreneur growing with an ever-changing fitness industry.


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