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Allyson is amazing! She is kind, caring, professional and will motivate you to get in the best shape of your life! She tailors each workout to you and always shows up 110% for her clients. Working out with her has been a game changer not only physically but mentally. Spending an hour with her is always a pleasure and I can't thank her enough for making such a positive change in my life. Allyson will help you reach your health and fitness goals and have fun while doing it!


We have been doing group personal training with Allyson since December 2018. We both have been avid gym goers for the last 5 years but we wanted to challenge ourselves in a new way. Allyson is absolutely amazing! She is extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and enthusiastic about fitness. She corrects our form and proves to us that even though we thought we knew what we were doing in the gym, we still need her help! Every workout she creates is catered towards us and our personal abilities. She is constantly switching up our workouts and challenging our bodies in ways we did not know we were capable of! She is continually having us discover new muscle groups we rarely use on a daily basis, and tests our abilities with every workout. We highly recommend Allyson!

Brooke & NicoleClients

Since training with Allyson, I have seen some amazing results. Parts of my body are being sculpted that I thought were a lost cause. She has also taught me some nifty tips and tricks in regards to nutrition, how to substitute that sugar or those carbs for this this or that. Or on the opposite side, no, eat those carbs your body is going to need it to recover. She has re trained my brain how to think about food and gaining that kind of knowledge is priceless!


I have been training with Cate for over 15 years and what I love about her method is how she focuses on the entire individual, not just one aspect. Now in my late 50’s her training has not only improved on my strength & endurance but on my balance, nutrition, and overall wellbeing. She is about the long game and laying the foundation for the best quality of life I can attain as I move forward through the decades of my life.


Cate is my dream come true! I was very hesitant to get into personal training, but I needed to try something different. I wasn't putting in full effort at the gym, if I even made it to the gym! I was bored of my workouts and did not feel like they were doing me any good. With Cate, I always have fun during my workout because she keeps things challenging and new. I get more done in one workout with her than I did in five workouts at the gym by myself. I'm always sore after our workouts, the good kind of sore, the sore that makes you think "Hey, my muscles are growing! That workout really worked!" I used to be an athlete, but when I was no longer on a team, I lost my muscle tone, my flexibility, my confidence. I was desperate to get back to my old self. I tried everything, but I couldn't stick to anything because it was too easy to make excuses as to why I should skip a work out. Cate helps me keep myself accountable and gives me the motivation I need. Once I started seeing results and my body transform, I was hooked. She made it so easy and the more results I see, the more I look forward to our next workout. More than anything, though, Cate helped me achieve a confidence, a self-love, and a mental strength I never thought I'd have. This confidence has transformed my body as much as the physical fitness. Now, I hold my body with pride because I feel comfortable in my own skin. I will forever be grateful to Cate for this, I could not have done it without her.

Savannah MoenClient

Those of you who know me, know that I struggle with motivation to workout. It is my nemesis and if I could be doing anything else, I would! When I first met Cate, I felt immediately at ease sharing my struggles with weight and motivation. She assured me that she could help and although skeptical, I gave her a shot. Let me tell you, Cate made me look forward to working out and learning about nutrition. The reason she’s different from other trainers I’ve had is because she fully explains how and why all the things work. We all know that eating better helps us be healthy, but to fully understand the science behind it truly motivates me to work harder. Her passion drives her work and it’s obvious. It feels like you’re going over to a friend’s house- except she kicks your butt and doesn’t mind if you roll your eyes at her, that only motivates her to work you harder. I highly recommend Cate!